Bandsintown is a concert ticket aggregator platform, which allows music fans to track musicians and bands to stay updated about their upcoming concerts by getting email or application notifications about the ticket sale dates.

They launched in 2007, were acquired by Cellfish Media in 2011 and Cellfish Media rebranded as Bandsintown Group in 2015.


I worked for Bandsintown during 2010; starting as their representative in London, but quickly became their European Marketing Coordinator after joining, to coordinate the work of Bandsintown representatives in other European cities (Amsterdam, London, Paris, Milan and Berlin). Each representative wrote articles, concert reviews and interviews for the Bandsintown blog, as well as managing the individual Twitter accounts for each European city (i.e. @BandsinLondon) to promote Bandsintown. Within four months, we achieved a 50% increase on the web traffic to the blog.

Within Europe, London has the highest concentration of Bandsintown users:

Bandsintown users per city

Some of the articles I wrote in 2010:

Album Leaf band interview

Tom Williams and The Boat interview

Company: Bandsintown
Project: Bandsintown Blog & Twitter accounts
My contribution: European Marketing Coordinator; coordinating the content marketing efforts of Bandsintown representatives within Europe for the blog and Twitter accounts, in addition to writing articles, concert reviews and conducting interviews with musicians for the blog.

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