NRC Media is a Dutch publisher of the daily national newspapers NRC Handelsblad and, as well as several websites (,, and apps.

I wrote several blog articles for their B2B and corporate website between 2013 and 2015 as part of their Dutch content marketing strategy.


These articles were mostly about new developments within NRC Media, a campaign or special promotion for advertisers or about one of their new products, such as NRC Q.

Some of the articles that I wrote during this period:

The blog articles were also linked to in the monthly B2B newsletter of NRC Media, as well as promoted on their social media channels to generate more traffic to the website and to stay top of mind with advertisers within the media industry.

Are you looking for someone to write occasional blog articles for your website or to manage your Dutch content marketing strategy completely? Please get in touch and let me know about your requirements.

Dutch content marketing for nrc media

nrc mobile video article

Nationaal Leiderschapsonderzoek article for NRC

Company: NRC Media
Project: NRC Media Blog
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
My contribution: Writing articles for their blog as part of their (Dutch) content marketing strategy

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