Event video of ‘Insight Live’

Insight Live

The conference event ‘Insight Live’ of Dutch media publisher NRC Media was held on the 19th of June 2014 in Amsterdam. The event was aimed at marketers, advertisers and decision-makers of three industries: Finance, Luxuxy & Lifestyle, and Art & Culture.

Social media campaign
The event was promoted via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. During the event, live tweets covered the different sessions and discussions. The host encouraged the audience to tweet during the event too. This led to #insightlive becoming a trending topic on Twitter in The Netherlands.

The use of Instagram was also encouraged: a photographer walked around the audience, whose photos would instantly get uploaded to Instagram with a quote of the person photographed. Those photos were also printed and displayed on a board in the reception area.

After the event, Facebook and Twitter were used to share the event photos and video.

Before the event took place, various articles with introductions of the speakers were placed on the company’s blog, which were promoted via email newsletters and social media.

Photos & Video
Two videos were created for this event: a short trailer video to raise awareness for the event, and a video of the event with short interviews with visitors.

Professional photos were taken during the event, which were uploaded to Facebook afterwards.

Trailer video Insight Live

Company: NRC Media
Project: Insight Live
My contribution: Social Media

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