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Webinar NRC Media

On the 24th of June 2014, NRC Media held a webinar for advertisers and marketers about the recent developments and innovations at NRC Media. The CEO of NRC Media, Rien van Beemen, and Chief Editor of NRC Handelsblad, Peter Vandermeersch, were interviewed by journalist Max Christern about the strategy of NRC Media and how they are coping with the decline of the newspapers industry, as well as about their new online platform NRC Q which focuses on (international) business news.

The webinar was promoted in the newspapers of NRC Media, as well as on nrc.nl and social media channels (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn). In addition, email marketing was used to invite existing advertisers of NRC Media.

During the webinar, viewers could ask questions to the CEO and Chief Editor via the webinar page or Twitter, using the hashtag #nrcwebinar.

The webinar was broadcast from the studio of Quadia in the Mediapark in Hilversum.

Webinar page with ‘Ask a question’ feature and relevant links.

Company: NRC Media
Project: Webinar
Location: Hilversum, The Netherlands
My contribution: writing the project plan, liaising with designers for promotional banners and print advertisements, using email marketing to get leads for the webinar, managing the social media channels and writing the blog article.

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