Easykamer.nl and Easykot.be fall under Easyroommate.com, an online platform that matches people advertising a spare room with those looking for a room. They operate a freemium model: signing up and browsing through the database of rooms and housemates is free, but you need to buy a premium subscription to contact other members that don’t have a premium membership, and to let your advertisement stand out of the others.

Easykamer.nl is for the Dutch market in The Netherlands, Easykot.be is targeting the Flemish market in Belgium. They also support various other countries within Europe, North-America and South-America.


For nearly two years, I provided the Dutch translation for the web copy of new features and pages on both websites. I also translated various texts from English to Dutch for the automated emails, which were sent to users when they signed up or received a new message, for example. In addition, I provided the Dutch translation for customer service email templates.

Company: EasyRoommate.com
Project: Easykamer.nl & Easykot.be
Location: London, United Kingdom
My contribution: Ongoing Dutch translation of new web pages and features for both websites from July 2013 to April 2015

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