Social Media and Road Safety

Print ads designed by Thibaut Manent

Checking or updating your social media profiles while driving: it happens far too often unfortunately. In The Netherlands there are road signs and commercials to remind drivers not to use their smartphones. The message? Social media and driving don’t go together. The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment hired media agency N=5 to create a campaign to raise awareness on the dangers of using social media while driving.

N=5 created an online game called ‘Tweet, Chat, Like & Drive‘, in which you’re driving a car while having to use your smartphone for all kinds of social media updates. Aim is to let people realise how distracting your smartphone is during driving.

The campaign, started at the end of 2013, also consists of a radio commercial and a series of posters that are still shown next to highways today as reminders for drivers.

Caption freely translated: “Facebook / Twitter / Email / WhatsApp should be used at a parking lot.”
Caption freely translated: “Facebook / Twitter / Email / WhatsApp can wait till home.”

Another great series of print ads on social media and road safety was recently created by Belgian student Thibaut Manent for a school project at ESA Saint Luc Tournai. The message is loud and clear: using your phone while driving could prove fatal.


Each poster shows a photo of a bare foot, supposedly of a person that had an autopsy after getting killed in a road accident, with a little card showing their last social media update.

All posters are captioned with “Twitter/Facebook/Snapchat has no place on the road. Using mobile phones when driving is the cause of 1 in 10 (car) accidents.”



Do you know any other great awareness raising campagnes on road safety and mobile phone use? Share it in the comments!

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